Sterling Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences is a branch of Sterling Classical School. The Sterling Conservatory provides students a platform in which to explore, learn, strengthen, grow and inspire future pursuits in the dynamic S.T.E.A.M. fields of study and industries. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) continue to serve as anchors for competitive and relevant careers. In Sterling's pursuit to provide a college preparatory platform, the Conservatory classes will compliment the academic core in preparing students with skills and advanced knowledge base that will enhance not only their college acceptances but serve to guide in Major and career choice. This refinement will narrow down the college selection as well as shore up the time spent post secondary due to a more focused pursuit.


Sterling Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences is open to the students of Sterling Classical School as well as homeschool students. The Conservatory classes will primarily be semester long offerings with registration prior to each semester. For registration and tuition/fee information, please call or email at (512)259-2722 or SCOTAS@sterlingclassicalschool.com


Sterling Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences will partner with professionals in the industry and graduates or instructors from such colleges as the Art Institute of Austin. The experience of these instructors will bring relevant and hands-on teaching that dynamically educates and inspires students.


Culinary Arts - Journey through the Italian Kitchen

Join Chef, Mimoza Hajmeli, the owner of Due Donne Catering and Adiamo Italiano Ristorante. She is passionate about Italian cuisine and is focused on teaching students through actual cooking and exploration of the kitchen.


Sound Design - Music Composition for Computers

This is a beginning musical composition class that will survey, create, and learn the beginning techniques of production in various styles of music.


Field Biology – Nature Study

This is a hands-on course in field biology that takes students out of a classroom and into nature to study and explore.


Food Science

This course allows participants to understand food composition, biotechnology and chemistry of foods, food safety, dairy industry, meat science, beverages, and food processing.


Design Fundamentals

This introductory course will explore the principles of design, and introduce and develop the creative process.


3D Modeling

Through critical analysis, the student will apply basic design principles to the solution of visual problems using elements of 3D design.


Realistic Drawing 1

Tired of drawing stick figures?  Take your drawing skills to the next level.  In this course, students will do progressive drawing exercises while deepening the understanding of fundamental art concepts.


Portrait Drawing 1

Whether your portraits look like misshapen aliens or you need help getting better at drawing faces, this is the class for you.


Watercolor Painting 1

Discover the magic of one of the most beautiful and respected painting medium of Watercolor.


Painting 1

In this fun hands-on class, students will explore different Acrylic and Pastel painting techniques and create several art projects such as Animal painting, Landscape, and work in styles of famous artists.


Computer Science 1

The students will learn to program a computer using the C programming language as a preparation for eventually learning C++, Java or another high level language in the universities.



This is a comprehensive curriculum and program that empowers participants with academic, entrepreneurial and 21st century skills that are universal for the success of college and career readiness.


Forensic Science

This course focuses on the skills and concepts behind crime scene investigation and forensic science. Whether you desire to be crime scene investigator, forensic pathologist, or some other medical scientist, this course will help you hone your investigative skills and review a wide range of science concepts.


Beginning Band

Beginning Band is for students with no experience on their instrument. Beginners are taught all of the techniques essential to making music.


Advanced Band

Advanced Band is designed for students who have had a year or more of playing experience. The students are taught how to increase range and technical ability and play a greater variety of ensemble and concert band music.


Sign Language (ASL) I

American Sign Language is a rich and complex language and has recently been declared as an official language and recognized by 48 states as a foreign language.


Spanish I

Students develop fluency and confidence in Spanish through a variety of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities.


Latin I

Students will journey to a time almost 2000 years ago when the Roman Empire controlled almost all of Europe. Set in Rome in AD 79, students become acquainted with the Latin language and gain an appreciation of Roman influences on our civilization.